If you like the Vitamix then you will love the Optimum Blender. Its not only cheaper but it is quicker as well.

This brilliant machine has helped me increase my raw food intake, starting with just green smoothies.

Not only does it blend to ultimate perfection but you can use it as a food processor by simply using the pulse function.

They are manufactured in Japan with a blunt cutting surface, the blades break the cell walls of raw foods making the enzymes more bioavailable, releasing their nutritional benefits as well as their delicious flavours.

This machine is capable of heating soups and freezing ice cream, the blades spin really fast producing friction heat which after a couple of minutes will leave you with a steaming hot soup.

Those same speedy blades can crush frozen food at an incredible speed, leaving no time for any melting while allowing the mixture to refreeze.

Slow juicers have been a booming success around the world and now Centrifugal juicers are a thing of the past.

The Optimum 500 Juicer is a heavy duty, efficient, versatile, masticating juicer. It comes in a vertical and highly modern design that makes nutritionally potent and delicious juice in just a few minutes.

Seriously the most crisp clean juice you will ever taste.

Not only can you juice any sort of fruit and vegetables but this machine also comes with a unique design no hole strainer for making sorbet?? It comes out like soft serve, pretty exciting huh.

The Optimum 600 Big-Mouth Cold Press Juicer is the next level from the Optimum 500. No chopping, No Clogging and Less Cleaning. Juice whole fruits and vegetables with NO FOOD PREP required.

Although the quality of juice is no different between the juicers you will save yourself a lot of time with the Optimum 600.