6 Tips for making the Green Switch



Making the ‘GREEN SWITCH’ was the best thing I ever did!


So here is a little insight to how I got HERE.


Let’s go back to 2011, I lived on take away, processed foods, oodles of confectionery, fizzy drink daily and a lot of alcohol was consumed. I was regularly sick, taking days off work and taking conventional medicines, I even looked sick.


Then one day I decided to start following my friends facebook page, we weren’t great friends back then but she worked at the local pub a couple years back so I had spoken to her a few times (while drunk) I was so inspired by what I saw on her page. My friend is now a huge part of my life and continues to be a big inspiration for Girl on Greens.


After many conversations with her about living a cleaner lifestyle I began to realise she might be on to something, Green Juices, Green Smoothies, Bliss Balls, Vegan food, you name it, we talked about everything. I went and purchased the cheapest juicer I could afford and began juicing DAILY. I went on a rampage in the kitchen and ditched all the processed and packaged foods because I knew I would be tempted to eat whatever was in the pantry. I then slowly cut out meat and dairy out of my diet and started incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my every day eating habits.


I now own an Optimum Cold Press Juicer which makes amazing juice and a High Powered Optimum Blender which I use to make green smoothies, fruit smoothies, delicious desserts and super satisfying savoury dips.


I am super grateful I made the switch, it definitely was the best change I have made for my health and I am positive you will feel the same way too.


But sometimes we just need a push in the right direction, I want to share with you my top 6 tips for you to introduce to your daily life to help you make the switch to living cleaner and greener.


1. Ditch the junk


Just get rid of it, if it isn’t in your kitchen it isn’t going to tempt you. From personal experience if you are still buying processed foods and they are in your house you will be tempted and YOU WILL eat them. So to get started it is best to not have anything that you don’t need. When you do your grocery shopping don’t fall into the trap and buy a little something. Just don’t do it. You will thank me later.


2. Stay Hydrated


Drinking enough water everyday can help clear up your skin. So make sure you are drinking plenty of clean filtered water each day. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated – and this can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, and dizziness.


3. Plan & Prepare


Don’t wait until you are hungry to make something. When you wake up in the morning plan out what you are going to have for lunch, dinner and even your snacks. While you are at it just make your snacks ready to go. Or even better on a Sunday afternoon plan out your week. I almost always have hummus in the fridge as well as pre cut carrots that I leave in an airtight container filled with filtered water for up to 5 days, perfect for an easy snack.


4. Eat Wholefoods


Fill your fridge/pantry with good quality whole foods. They are as nature intended and if you only have whole foods in your kitchen you will find a way to use them. Opt for local and organic produce whenever you can.


5. Superfood Supplements


We should all be giving our bodies an extra dose of  superfoods and vitamins each and every single day. Unfortunately our soils are so depleted from nutrients so we would have to be eating a whole lot of fruit and veg to get what our bodies need to perform at there best. So I encourage you to add some wholefood supplements into your daily routine.


6. Protein Filled Breakfast


Adding protein to your breakfast will not only help you feel full for longer but also give your body the fuel it needs to get through the day. I like to make a large smoothie loaded with all the good stuff or some banana pancakes. If you would like some smoothie inspiration, then grab a copy of  ‘Simple Breakfast Smoothies.’


If you would like to arrange a time to chat to discuss how I can help you make the Green Switch then please contact me for a free 20 minute skype consultation.

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