Using Essential Oils to Support my Health and Wellness.


After endless online reading and being inspired by my online soul sisters I began my journey into Essential Oils and started using them to support my health and wellness.

Not just any essential oils, but oils that are 100% pure as well as being sourced ethically and sustainably from the part of the planet where they naturally thrive, oils that are tested for potency and purity, third party tested to be safe, natural and free of contaminants/synthetics/fillers so they offer incredible therapeutic value.

Essential Oils are pure extracts from plants, they are super powerful and are truly natures defense mechanism.

These Essential Oils have really started to change my way of life and could for you too.

Every single day I use several oils to support not only the health of myself but my family as well.

Waking up and deeply inhaling Wild Orange or Peppermint can seriously change the outlook on my entire day.

If I feel as though my immune system needs some extra support I am quickly applying particular blends that are designed to protect against seasonal threats and support my immune functions.

When applying essential oils topically they are absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin to almost immediately benefit the targeted area of application.

I could go on all day just telling you how I use Essential Oils every single day but I wont, instead I will regularly post more information to teach you how to use essentials oils to Support, Maintain and Improve your Health and Wellness.

If you would like to find out more please send me an email and I will be happy to offer a FREE 15 minute skype consultation to discuss more about Essential Oils and your needs.

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